This page will have a couple of answers to some popular questions I have come across regarding DUI’s. (Remember, everyone’s case is different, but if it is your first DUI in the state of CALIFORNIA, some of these may apply to you)

  1. What are the first things I can expect in the coming days of my first DUI?
  • Anxiety: lots of stress, emotion, thoughts of what will happen, some depression
  • Fear not, seek help. Find someone who you know will not judge you for a mistake you’ve made. (message me and we can talk if you’re feeling alone)
  • The first week might also consist of a lot of phone calls and numerous mail from people trying to sell you their services. (Do not jump into any commitments)

2. Should I get a Lawyer?

  • In my honest opinion you do not need a Lawyer if you have blown below .14 in the state of California. 
  • If you don’t have the finances to afford one, do not feel forced to. Lawyers will tell you they can fight it and get you your licence back with only their help; lies.
  • If you blew more than .15 on the breathalyzer it will be harder to get your license back, from what i have read
  • I’ve mentioned before that each case varies state by state, a lot can be done without a lawyer but with lots of research. People have mentioned their spending of 3000 avg spent on lawyers, which many of us might not be able to afford. 
  • If you have the finances and can afford it, then by all means get a lawyer. (Like I say again, depending on the state you’re in you might not need one.)

3. How do i get my license back as soon as possible?

  • Getting your licence will require a couple of things: DUI Class, Ignition interlock device, and an sr-22
  • You can not do any of these until after the 30 days from the ticket given. You’ll find the date on the ticket slip the police has given you.
  • The Ignition interlock , i believe, will be installed when/if they reinstate your license.
  • DUI class time will be decided by the judge.
  • SR-22 is a vehicle liability insurance document required by most state Department of Motor Vehicles offices for “high-risk” insurance policies. The price varies on different insurances, but its roughly 50 extra from what I’ve read.
  • I tried to get all three done the first week, but i called DUI school and they told me i can not do anything until the first 30 days are up
  • So travel while you can because i’m assuming you’ll have to go a couple of weeks without a car.

Fines are to be determined, as i have not seen those days yet.

Please message me any questions you may have and I will be more than glad to research and post them up if i see them relevant to the majority