I’m Riding First Class to DUI school

If I’m completely frank with you all, I don’t consider my drinking to be problematic. (Is that something alcoholics say?) Its obviously hep, and I shouldn’t allow it to become a habit. Ill admit though, for a while I let it consume me which has reaped many setbacks for me.

I’m not one to make excuses for the actions I’ve take because making excuses now has a cascading effect on how you behave in the future.

When you externalize failure, it makes you feel like the outcomes in your life are out of your control. When you lack control, it’s difficult to find motivation to work harder. Why bother if you’re not in charge?

So, here I am, DUI school.

Before I mention all we discussed, let me tell you somethings I’d like to take away from this class. I would love to walk away with something more than just wasted time. This can come in a form of a different perspective, a new friend, or just a more clear vision for my life.

I really do want to come out a better man. For me, and no one else. When you become the best ‘you,’ moving forward and helping others becomes effortless.

This week was supposed to have been my second class of DUI school, but due to my ignorance of looking at my schedule I missed my first one (still has to be made up throughout the course). But, I’ finally here. Week 8/9.

These are some things I took away from this one class:

  1. Not everyone is happy to be there, and it shows.
  2. Almost half the class now hate Police officers (pretty interesting thing to think about)
  3. The counselor (she doesn’t know), but I know her son and daughter. The story she shared put everything I ever knew about them into perspective.
  4. 2 hours comes quick, but can feel like an eternity.
  5. Maybe I do have a drinking problem (by definition)

The beginning of class went about like any other first day of class you’d expect; state your name, a backstory of how you got here, and your blood alcohol level content. (I was pumped for the stories to begin.)

Here is a picture of some of the stories that caught my attention for whatever reason.

The stories took up about an hour of the class, and once that was over it was our counselors turn to give her story. As I mentioned before, from the moment she walked in, I knew I had seen her before.

For those who don’t know, I used to flip burgers at McDonald’s for about 7 years (managing for about 6 (all through my college journey too)). During my first two years in the company, I met two siblings who happened to work together a lot. We became close, and I always knew their party habits were bad. At this stage in my life I had no thirst for drinking anything but water. I was completely sober. These two siblings though, were party animals. I always thought they’d end up dead from all their partying, or gang related connections.

Eventually I got transferred to another store, and lost touch with both of them. During my time with them, I always tried talking some sense into both of them about going to school, getting and education, and becoming better for themselves, but it never really worked. They had mentioned the passing of their father, but I never really asked why. All they said was that it was drug and alcohol related.

A few years later I learned the sister moved on with here life, got married, and had a baby. As I was working in another company store, I ran into the brother multiple times. He told me one day that he had become a counselor for drug addicts, and I always sort of questioned if that was real or not. He was more poised and mature when we spoke, so it seemed real.

Well this counselor is their mom. And her life story put everything into perspective! Her son was popping pills at the age of 20, and eventually asked his mom to take him to a mental health facility for two weeks. He came out and hasn’t popped since. All 4 of his siblings lived the same life. Lucky for them, 3 have moved on.

The mother was a ‘druggy’ herself, and went through her fare share of run-ins with the law, gangs, and family problems. Her husband died from a drowning accident after coming home completely wasted on drugs and alcohol. She was widowed until recently.

Her story is probably not something you personally will go through, but I wanted to share because we all go through different things in life. Perhaps yours is a job you lost, a relationship that has been broken, or a family in dire need of assistance. We all have our own demons, but chose to make a problem a progress. You’re in charge of your own life, don’t let others make decisions for you.

We wrapped up class, and that was it. 2 hours of my life. It wasn’t that bad right? Then i remembered I had 12 more classes to attend. This is going be a long 3 months.

This post has been sitting on my laptop for a month now. Not because I haven’t been wanting to share, but because life happens. Took a step back, had my first court hearing, got some redirecting of my life in, and now have court in one week again. If you’re still reading, thanks. My first court hearing blindsided me back to depression. Im here now. Stay tuned. 

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