I Could Have DUI-ed

“Hey man. I’ll see you soon alright.”

Chilly night and the cement reeked of dried up water. March 11. 2 hours past midnight. Following 3 days of continuous rain, the sky had finally cleared.

Literally speaking the storm was over, but just beginning to form was a life storm I had not anticipated.

Blurred lines follow the moment I got back to my car until the moment I was seeing red and blue lights flashing bright behind me. Everything from the point of being pulled over to the moment I was finally let out is vividly clear.

Call me crazy, an idiot, narcissist, or whatever first comes to your mind when you think of any person hopping into their car after 4 draught beers (maybe 5), but I did it not proud of what I had done.

Beer number 2

I like to think before this humiliating day that I had my life together; recent bachelors, new job, a loving family, and some pretty cool friends. It’s when I continue to continuously look back at all I had that makes me understand I should have known I had enough! (It’s a lot of little things people wish they had.)

Of course there are so many problems in life I wish I’d not have-like seeing my beautiful one year younger sister fighting mano-a-mano with Scleroderma in a dark closed arena- amongst other minuscule wishes. Unfortunately, sometimes stupid people have to learn through stupid mistakes, but only because we are stupid.

So now, I’m here feeling compelled to bring awareness to something so common among many teens and young adults:drunk driving.

My story is different because, through Gods grace, I only got caught drinking and driving. Things could have been worse… way worse! All DUI holders are not alcoholics, just like all Mexicans aren’t rapists (but we wont talk politics yet). I look back and think I could have paid an Uber 60 bucks rather than the thousands of dollars I might now pay.

Moving on…

The next 9 hours of that morning were spent arguing with a cop trying to convince him I wasn’t buzzed (of course I was only lying to myself), in a jail cell screaming at my body to sober up so I could get the hell out, and trying to wrap my head around the stupidity that had just manifested itself. (All will be discussed in the following blogs).

So, why in the form of a blog? Honestly, just to help expand my writing skills (I don’t really have any, which would explain all my English errors throughout this blog.). Real talk though, It’s a great medium to reach those whom I can’t physically see, but who want to know what is and is about to happen. (We call those people chismosos.)

Being pulled over, arrested, and ticketed is only the beginning. This journey is only beginning and I can assure you it will be far more than a year. The financial train will stop by with its collectors, and of course there is nowhere to hide. By the end of the Journey, if you’re still around lurking, I will have made a grand total of how much it greatly cost me.

Look, you don’t have to read, but I have time to write. If you’re visiting and have gone through something similar, feel free to message me your outcomes. If you need Someone to talk to about anything else, I am all ears too.

What’s done is done and trying to understand why it happened will only damage the wound more than heal it. I will turn something negative into a positive. We can’t continue letting every obstructive problem eat us up alive. When you overcome unpleasant walls, your story is worth telling.

I am beyond blessed to have made it out alive, and although I am extremely embarrassed, disappointed, stressed, anxious, and went through a number of days in depression, I am a person who’s learn to live with his own mistakes. At the end of the tunnel there’s always some sort of light.

Stay tuned, we’ll heal this wound.

2 thoughts on “I Could Have DUI-ed

  1. In my opinion and and by experience including all the people and places I’ve been through my journey I have to say I completely disagree with you when you say “trying to understand why it happened will only damage the wound more”
    Not true, again from what I’ve been taught
    It won’t
    In the contrary getting to the root of why it happened in the first place and dealing with it sober minded will open more doors to healing and freedom
    Weather you would like to accept it now or later you turned to alcohol to numb or not deal with something
    Any who I hope you don’t take this the wrong way I just have years of experience with this shit

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I respect your opinion and I agree, but only on a couple things. I realize that I went overboard that night and I usually don’t drive home if I’d had that much to drink. I tend to sleep in my car if I’ve had so much. I can completely say I’m not drinking to try to numb anything, but it’s true many alcoholics do. Sometimes people really drink to just socialize, but the problem lies in people thinking they can drive at all after. In all honesty, one beer is enough to get you a DUI ; Law says .08 or more. Thanks for the input. Good looks.


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